Wednesday, February 01, 2006


After two days at home recovering from a stomach bug, I am back at work. At least for another hour. Then I will slink home and rest. Hopefully dinner will make itself, but if not, Max will come home and make it for me. He's a good husband like that.

So, what was accomplished over the past two days? Napping. Sitting on the couch with my kitties. Alot of Quantum Leap on DVD - I'm up to season 3! Toast and honey. Plain Chinese noodles. Lots of tea. And some knitting. I finished the back of my Viking Turid. To reward myself for finishing the back, I started something new! I started and am about half way done with a baby hat* for a lady at work who is adopting a baby boy from Guatemala. The baby shower is at the end of February. I may have to rip back at least one repeat of the pattern (if it bothers me that much) where I stopped paying attention and arrogantly thought I knew what I was doing without reading the pattern (and where it goes all crazy and wonky) but otherwise it looks great. It's blue and small and cute. I'll post a picture once it looks more perfect... or come up with a cool name to explain why the cables don't look right.

*Frivoli pattern using size 4 needles and GGH Samoa yarn(50% Cotton, 50% Microfiber)
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