Sunday, October 14, 2012

Anniversary dinner at Restaurant Eve

A five star meal in the tasting room, from the service to the ambiance, to the knowledge of the menu to the flavors of each bite, the meal was a wonderful experience.

A little something to get us started... a quail egg with caviar, salmon mousse, and a vinegar meringue filled with aioli 

The amuse bouche... seared ono with turnip puree - very good.

A palate cleanser... apple cider sorbet - delicious!

The First Course
Dates filled with chevre with carrots, red-veined sorrel - sweet and goaty, soft and crunchy... yum!
La Belle Farm's Foie Gras mousse with ham hock croquette, almond butter, and pickled beans
The Second Course
Butternut squash agnolotti with pesto - delicious, wish the "taste" had been twice as big!
Poached lobster
Wine pairings, 2 oz with each course is a lot to drink!

The Third Course
Mushroom served in several ways with a soft boiled egg yolk... the textures and flavors were amazing.


The Fourth Course
Deconstructed Waldorf salad and cheese
A bold plating!
Another palate cleanser... green tea foam

The Fifth Course
Pears and buckwheat crepe with ice cream and brittle
24 hour apples with chiffon biscuit, honey, and ice cream

A final selection of sweets... peanut butter macarons, apple gels, chocolate truffles, and apple caramel tartlets.
It was an amazing meal.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Goat Milk

When I was 5 years old, my god parents had a small farm. I faintly remember milking the goat and drinking the milk - and that it did not taste good! Warm and unpasteurized, it's no wonder.

Fast forward to Saturday, I bought a quart of goat milk at Whole Foods to see what it was like and hoping that it would taste alright. I was worried it would be too goaty but I figured I could always make ice cream from it if it was. Thankfully it was not!  :)  The goat flavor was really quite slight and only because I was really tasting for it. Woohoo!

The reason for my experimentation? After watching Forks Over Knives, I feel like I ought to be eating more vegetables and beans (which I have been trying to do since I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead), less bread, rice, and pasta carbs, less meat and less dairy for a better chance at good health. And be less likely to "turn on" cancer cells. According to many online articles, Goat's milk it supposed to be lower in casein protein and easier to digest than cow's milk.

I'm not saying it's a cure all but I think flavor-wise, although not like cow's milk, it's something worth trying.

Variety is the spice of life and all that!  :)