Friday, February 03, 2006

Word cloud

I read about creating a blog word cloud on Keeping Me in Stitches. It's an interesting snapshot of what I talked about in my first month of blogging.

Tomorrow is my knitting class at Knit Happens with Holly. Here's the link to the PDF newsletter with the description of the class. I still have yet to wind my yarn. Definitely need to do that tonight. And pack my knitting bag with needles and pattern book and camera and whatever else I might need. 10:30am is not that early but much earlier to be out of the house and doing stuff than we usually are on the weekend. It's supposed to rain too.

As for the baby hat, it's almost done! Even after ripping back half of it (Max says, "Oh, that looks great, how did you fix it?") and then later a few more rows, it's going pretty quickly. I took pictures but since I was indoor, they're all washed out. Maybe if I get home before dark tonight I can take one outside to show you. It's so cute! With the added pressure of a baby shower at work with the whole company, it needs to look perfect. So I'm doing my best now to not half-ass it and really do it right.
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