Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Although I wasn't able to watch the women's hockey game against Sweden, I am so psyched that Canada won. I totally support Melody Davidson's decision to play hard. It is not bad sportsmanship to play your best game.

As I have been watching the Olympics, my knitting has been focussed on the front of my Viking Turid. I've just passed the half way and still on my first ball of Grignasco Piccolo Tweed (1760 yards), so I suspect I will have more than enough to seam and finish it. It looks very nice so far. Any in progress photos will look the same as the back so there probably won't be any until I start on the sleeves. The socks are on hold for now but I have been itching to get back to them. Still need to make the pompom for the baby hat but it's so hard to work on something that takes my attention away from the games!

TeamCanada Day 5
1 Gold (Jennifer Heil for Freestyle Skiing)
1 Silver (Sara Renner and Beckie Scott for Cross Country)
1 Bronze (Cindy Klassen for Speed Skating)
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