Monday, January 30, 2006

Tanjina's first knitting lesson

Tanjina came over Friday night after work. We had curry for dinner (which was delicious but did not agree with my stomach, alas) and then the lesson commenced.

As a first time teacher, it was at least as difficult for me to teach Tanjina and it was for her to learn. But with some patience and perserverance, Tanjina learned how to:
1) make a slip knot
2) cast on the first row using the "knitting on" method
3) knit the "knit" stitch

After one hour and 10 minutes, at least one inch of the dishcloth had been knit. I did a little un-knitting so a few problem areas could be re-knit. Tanjina even attempted a little "knitting while watching TV" - she's definitely much more ambitious than I was as a beginner! A few mental notes I made during the lesson:
a) so glad I decided on bamboo needles - metal or plastic would have been much slippier
b) so glad I chose size 9 needles - the slightly larger stitches helped to demonstrate
c) so glad I picked a lighter colour yarn - definitely easier to see the stitches

Now, I just need to convince her that the washcloth, once finished, should actually be used for (*gasp*) washing the dishes!
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