Friday, December 02, 2011

Thanksgiving recap

My sister and my niece arrived on Monday night before Thanksgiving and stayed until the Tuesday after. We had a really great visit!

My husband worked from home so we both went to pick them up at the airport. We took my niece to see Santa on Tuesday night and had dinner at CPK.

On Wednesday, I brought her into my office to show her off to my work friends and then cooked the rest of the day.

Thursday morning, my sister and my husband went to yoga (my sister's first time). I watched my niece and taped the parade for later.

For dinner we had turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry orange relish, mashed potatoes (and a undressed portion for my niece) and braised red cabbage. For dessert there was pumpkin pie and caramel nut tart. Naturally there were lots of leftovers and on Friday we went to a friend's house for our somewhat annual "Leftovers Lunch." Afterwards, we dropped my sister off at my massage therapist's to get a 90 minute massage - also her first time!

On Saturday morning, my husband and I started putting up the Christmas lights. In the afternoon, we took my niece to Picture People to have some professional pictures taken - they turned out really well. She looks so cute! That night, Max, Noelle and I dragged the Christmas tree upstairs.

Sunday we went to see ICE, with ice sculptures depicting the story from Merry Madagascar. It was really cold in there, -9, but my niece did really good - a true Canadian baby. :)

For lunch we went to Rosa Mexicano and my niece had her first green - avocado! And she liked it. My Dad was so happy. :)

That night we decorated the Christmas tree. My husband left for New York Monday morning and I went to work. My sister made dinner for us and we went for a walk afterwards to see the Christmas lights in my neighborhood. I took Tuesday off since it was our last day together. We had lunch at the Olive Garden and then I took them to the airport. Was sad but doing okay... until we got to the TSA and I saw my sister crying - which got me crying! My niece had no idea what was going on. Which is probably for the best.