Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bright Red

Here's the yarn I've been using for my MIL's cardigan. Although I'm becoming quite the yarn snob, I am really enjoying working with this. It's Red Heart Soft (100% acrylic) and was chosen because it fit the criteria of "really bright red" and soft. I admit, it hurts the eyes a bit but that's what we were going for when we picked it out. It's a surprise really. Just hope she likes it. Progress on the sleeves goes on. The first sleeve is done and the second is half-way there. Size 8 needles seem so big and quick when you've been working on size 2s and 3s for awhile.

I'm not ready to pick up my Viking Turid yet, still cooling off. I want to get it done by April in case it might still be cool enough in Berlin to wear it. Since the average high is 55 and the average low is 39, I may not be able to bring it with me... but at least it would be done.
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