Friday, February 24, 2006

Random Updates

The baby shower was yesterday and the baby hat was a success! One of my co-workers pointed out that I had made it (guess it wasn't obvious but then that's probably a good thing) and then there was adoration, lots of awwwwws. It was great. I'm glad I ripped back so many times so it could look perfect. That's a lesson that has taken a long time to learn.

Knitting Lesson 2
Saturday at Tanjina's place. Sometime after lesson 1, some solitary knitting was done, then "something happened" and it resulted in a loss of confidence. Hopefully I will be able to show her how to fix her own mistakes so that when (not if, for any of us) it happens again, she won't have to wait a month to continue.

I'm sad that it's almost over. Only 2 days left. I love all the figure skating and ice dancing. One of Max's co-workers was in Torino for the snowboarding competitions and came back with some chocolates for us. Can't wait to try them! Canada is currently in 5th place with 19 medals. When it's all over, NBC will go back into oblivion - which is fine by me... I definitely will not miss all the commercials every 10 minutes.

Plane tickets have been purchased, hostel reservations are being made. I have even located a yarn store that is less than 2 miles from the hostel. Just need to find someone willing to look after Erin and Brookline while we're gone...
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