Saturday, January 07, 2006

Current works in progress

There are four projects going on in here. From the top, clockwise:

1) Cardigan for my MIL using Red Heart Soft, size 8 needles and this pattern;

2) Cardigan for me using Patons Bella, size 15 needles, and I'm making up the pattern as I go along but loosely based on this pattern;

3) A suprise for one of my readers' birthday using Luxury Cashmere Aran (#12), size 8 needles, and a pattern from this site;

4) Viking Turid from this book using Grignasco Piccolo Tweed (shade 00741) and size 3 needles.

I suspect #2 will finish quickly and #3 is almost done. I have until the summer to finish #1 because that's the only time I see my MIL.

That leaves the Viking Turid... I love the pattern but am leaving out the chart on the stomach and back because really do I need to call attention to those areas? There was a little math involved to do this (thanks Max!) and now I'll need to rip out the first 3 inches so I can start over properly. Hopefully I'll finish while it's still cold in Virginia.
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