Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Brookline is home!

A voicemail message from Dr. Stewart at the Alexandria Animal Hospital at 6am let us know that we could come pick up Brookline. Normally I am asleep at this hour. Luckily Mad had decided to get up early to go to work early in case the call from the vet came at 12noon and then he'd be able to leave early.

I leapt out of bed and the two of us drove over there together to get Brookline. We were home by 7:15am and she was hungry - headed right for the food bowl and stuffed her face (which never happens). There was a bandage over her left front paw where they had shaved her fur and put in the IV. She kept shaking it trying to get it off. The vet said if we'd been home for 30 minutes then it was okay to take it off, so I did. If I could have I would have stayed home to watch her all day but I have to hope that she will be okay and that I won't come home to a dead kitty. Surely that won't happen. I hope. If not, there's a whole slew of drugs for her to take tonight: pain killers, antibiotic pills, anti-inflammatory via syringe, and her pills for the shits. There's also food to prevent it from happening again but there's nothing to stop Erin from eating it instead. She's going to be mad but it's for her own good.
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