Thursday, January 12, 2006

Only 7 more days to go

Last night there was seaming and subsequently #3 is done. Hurray! As previously mentioned, it is not perfect but even Max was impressed on how well it turned out. Best of all, no blocking is needed. Pictures will be forthcoming!

Work has recommenced on #1 and having moved it back onto metal needles, it's going much more smoothly... bamboo needles slow it down too much. And it's not so cold here right now, so the metal needles won't chill my fingers. Currently the temperature is 58F/14C!

In kitty news, Brookline is still firmly resisting her medication administration. We've discovered the best way is to lull her into a false sense of security via petting, Max picks her up and holds onto her, then I grab her head with my left hand and pry open her jaw, and with my right hand I squirt in the antibiotics. The joys of pet ownership! Only 7 more days to go.
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