Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Work in progress photos of the now-finished red scarf, as promised

As for my other projects... work on the Viking Turid continues. It looks good and I'm happy with it. Last night I started on the armhole shaping. The Patons Bella cardigan is at a standstill... I loath to return to the grafting. The red cardigan for my MIL is coming along though. The back is done! I've started on one of the sleeves but had to stop after the cuff because the spiral notebook I use to keep track of rows (or number of times something has been done) is being used to keep track of decreases for the Viking Turid.

She's doing much better, back to her old self and has cleaned herself sufficiently to shed the lingering urine odor. She's not a fan of the vet food and only eats a little bit (if it is her eating it and not only my other cat, Erin). Thursday night we're taking Brookline to the vet to get her stitches taken out. Then she'll be allowed back in our bedroom. She'll be overjoyed at the last since, as Kristina has pointed out many times, it's where she spends her entire day - under our bed.
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