Sunday, January 01, 2006

It all begins with knitting

Happy New Year!

My resolution this year is to start my own blog about knitting. I learned how to knit in December 2003 while in I was in Canada visiting my family for Christmas. It was not easy at first and my knitting project was put aside for almost an entire year. Then, in December 2004, I picked up my knitting again. The first project was finished and is now known as the white blob.

For most of 2005, I was obsessed with knitting and my foray into the online community of knitters led me to a number of blogs - of which I am a regular subscriber. It has been some time that I wished I had my own blog so I could post pictures of my projects, join knit-a-longs, and become a secret pal. While my husband Max is supportive and helpful when called upon, he can't fully appreciate the work that goes into a project and the rapture of a lovely skein of yarn. This year I also learned the basics of crochet but I have yet to find it enjoyable, merely necessary knowledge.

Prior to knitting, food was my passion. Growing up, my Mom was always trying to teach me something in the kitchen. She's the best cook in our family but it wasn't until after highschool that I appreciated how much she knew. In past alot of energy was put into making dinner and cooking for other people but these days, there's alot less energy being put into the preparation on a regular basis.

I predict that 2006 will be a very busy travel year. Already travel plans includetwo highschool reunions (one in MI and one in Europe), four weddings (in WI, CA, ON, and PA), and at least one parental visit. A blog seemed like a reasonable way to post updates and pictures.
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