Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bad day? Just think about knitting

For starters, I had to get up early to help Max give antibiotics to my cat Brookline. Normally she is quiet, mild mannered (if a bit skittish) and pretty shy. This morning, it was like she was another cat altogether - from hell - claws extended, legs flailing, body twisting, and her jaw clamped shut (when she wasn't trying to bite me). It took at least fifteen minutes to administer .78 mg in a tiny syringe (all of two seconds really once we got her pinned down and jaw open).

Then there's the 10 minutes on the phone trying to explain to the woman on the other end that she had the wrong email and that she could find what she's looking for online. I've emailed them at least twice about this already. I was seriously tempted to ask where she was calling from but restained myself.

However, if I think back to last night at least there's an upside to my knitting. I've finished the knitting for
3) A suprise for one of my readers' birthday
and just need to do some seaming and some blocking. It's not perfect but still looks pretty good and definitely functional. I took a pre-seaming picture that I'll post later once it has been gifted. No work has been done on any of the other three mentioned (or the two others that are also WIP but not part of my WIP basket)

Other WIPs:
A rainbow scarf from various wool yarns purchased at a consignment shop... I think some might be handspun. I've made it to the orange section but haven't worked on it in awhile. If I can get around to it, might be nice to enter it in a fair... maybe even the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

A pocket purse from a kit from Target. The flimsy plastic needles are a turn-off but I may get back to it sometime soon with the new needles Max bought me for Christmas, if they're the right size.
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