Saturday, October 13, 2007

USPS @ssholes

(In a loud angry tone) So apparently USPS discontinued ground shipping to Canada in May. WTF! At Christmas I mailed a very heavy box, probably 25lbs for $19. Today, they wanted $23 for a 5lb box because ALL THEY HAD WAS PRIORITY. WTF! ARGH!!! And if I could get it down to 4lb, well then! Then it would ONLY cost $15. That is the same! The same gouging. The same ridiculous. So I said forget it. And I drove home. Angry (but no accident - that's progress right?). And I called USPS and lodged a complaint. A fat lot of good that will do I'm sure. They gave me a claim number... so I will try following up and see what progress has been made. Probably another "Sorry for this inconvenience." Useless.

I guess my brother will have to wait until Christmas to get his shoes that he forgot at my house on Tuesday.

Max had to endure all kinds of shouting and door slamming when I got home. The guy is a saint.

(In a tired defeated voice) I'm done. End tirade.
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