Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

My neighborhood is great for Halloween and some houses go all out - lights, decorations, music - the works. My street in particular sucks for Halloween and after getting 11 kids the first year and 9 kids the second year... we've opted out. Instead we dress up and head over to the street party that is just one block away. Mostly it's adults that are much older than me and Max, and no one that we really know very well, but we always stay for an hour or so, drink some wine, have a hamburger or something and then call it a night.

Max will be dressing up in his usual "doctor" costume - scrubs that my sister sewed for him several years ago, as well as a surgeon's mask. This year I'll be going as an "accident" and making full use of my crutches, walking cast, bandages and ankle brace that I acquired earlier this year when I sprained my ankle.

I love Halloween!
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