Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Family weekend

My parents and my brother arrived at my house on Friday night, a little later than I had expected but still in time for dinner. Immediately Max turned on the grill and cooked up the steaks. We also had the Tomato Tart, sun-dried tomato ciabatta, a red wine from California that my parents really enjoyed and a Three Berry Icebox pie with whipped cream for dessert. And coffee. My parents love coffee and we made more coffee this weekend than we had made all year... for breakfast and dinner everyday. After dinner we watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? and I got to knit my red scarf.

My parents don't sleep much and they were up pretty early on Saturday. Reluctant to get up at the same time I would if I were going to work but no wanting to spend as much time with them as possible... I got up. And so did Max. He's such a great guy. After breakfast I drove my Mom to the post office and then to the grocery store. She says I drive like a little old lady but I'm okay with that. My Dad and Max stayed home to fixed the shower fixture in the guest bathroom. After lunch we all went into Alexandria. Parked at my office so I could show them where I work. They were really impressed, which seems funny to me because that's just where I work. We walked down to Old Town Alexandria, looked in the stores, walked around the Torpedo Factory Art Center and then went back to the house. I was so tired and took a little nap. We made Chinese for dinner and everyone helped out... I made the rice, my brother stirfried the baby bok choy, my Dad and Max helped with the beef and my Mom did everything else.

After dinner we all went for a walk in my neighborhood and then played some Wii Sports. More time for knitting.

I didn't get up as early on Sunday but still earlier than I would have normally. I took my parents to the West End Farmer's Market and we brought home some apples, a cucumber, some potatoes, some cherry tomatoes, a bag of lettuce greens, and a loaf of crusty Italian bread. That was for dinner.

For lunch we went to Rosa Mexicano. We ordered the double size guacamole to share. I had the French toast - it was so huge I ended up sharing part of it with everyone.
Waiting for our table at Rosa Mexicano

Afterwards we went to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and then to the Old Post Office Tower so we could go to the top of the tower. By then we had been walking for 4 hours so we went home. My Mom made Salad Ni├žoise for dinner for us. There was a bottle of merlot for my parents. We had apple pie for dessert, which my brother made, and it was so delicious.

I watched Iron and Silk with my parents and knit, Max studied, and my brother read his book.

Finally slept in and felt alot less tired. Max went to the gym with my brother. My Dad helped me repot my poinsettia that is still alive from last Christmas. My Mom finished fixing all my clothes that needed to be taken in or sewn up. For lunch we went to the Silver Diner and it was a big hit. My parents were so impressed with the crab cakes.

Eggs Benedict Crabcake for Mom Crab Cakes for Dad 3D Burger for Marc Club Sandwich for Max Burger Basket for Nicole

Then split up and went shopping at the outlet mall. I went to the fabric store and the shoe store with my Mom. Max took my Dad to the book store and then went with my brother to a whole bunch of stores. I bought some fabric so my Mom can reline my winter coast and a pair of shoes. For dinner we had grilled pork and chicken chorizo sausages, tomato and mozzarella with pesto, hummus and veggies, and bread. For dessert we had the pumpkin pie that my brother made on Sunday. A nod to Canadian Thanksgiving. After dinner we all watched March of the Penguins and I was able to knit some more. My red scarf is at least 3 feet long now... more than half way done!

We all woke up at 5am. My Dad finished packing the car (although, of course, a couple of things were forgotten) and they were ready to leave by 5:45 am. Still very early but since we were up, Max and I made a pot of tea, showered, and got ready for work. I called my sister at 8 am to let her know that my parents had left on time - thinking that either she was going to be on nights and just getting home or on days getting ready for work or sleeping over at my parents' house. None of those apparently because I woke her up. Oops. Still she sent me a nice note to thank me for all the things I sent back for her with my parents. My parents and my brother arrived home at 4pm, safe and sound.
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