Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Even after hoping for rain for a week or so now, I can't help feeling sad and gloomy because of it. Still, it's the perfect weather for hot tea and knitting.

I'm working on another Frivoli, this one in green Mission Hills 1824 Wool. For the brother of the baby of my coworker who is due in a week or so. The colour is discontinued but it's a really nice dark green.

Also started the baby surprise jacket using Cherry Tree Hill yarn but I only made it to row 2 before realising that I would need a row counter and the one I have is being used for the Frivoli hat. Stalled for now.

I really want to start is the Short Row hat but with the other two on the go, I feel like I need to wait.

And I really want to go out and buy the holiday issue of Interweave Knits so I can make the Koolhaas hat... but I'm way over my monthly budget so I have to wait until next weekend.
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