Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rainbow scarf

This week has been so busy at work. Good, but busy. And since Max and I have been making a greater effort to get to the gym, only a little knitting has been done. But, the knitting I have done has been on a project that was set aside for awhile - since January. I give you... progress on the rainbow scarf:

Rainbow Scarf and next three colours

The first section is a dark slubby red, then a bright orangy red, and now I'm on a slubby orange. I can't wait to move onto a different colour group! The colours above are pretty close to what they really are.

This picture shows the pattern better but the colours are not right:

Rainbow scarf pattern

Oh, and Max just told me that he's planning a surprise for my birthday and asked if I can leave work early next Friday... what can it be?!?!? Wild guesses abound!
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