Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This was supposed to be yesterday's post but there were some problems with Blogger.

Saturday: The weather was overcast but actually kind of cool. Didn't rain really, just spit a little. Max and I were late getting to the race because the Metro was so slow - waited 10 minutes to get on the blue line! By the time we got down, the runners were already starting and we missed Missy and Eunice since they ended up walking with the runners. They finished 30 minutes before we did too, so maybe next year we'll do that! Picked up lots of goodies after the race - and a good thing too, I was so hungry.

Sunday: We went to the Celebration of Textiles at the Textile museum. I got to try my hand at some cross stitch embroidery. Nothing fancy but here's a picture of the almost finished the piece. We had lunch at CPK in Dupont Circle before heading home.

Textile Museum in Washington, DC Cross stitching Embassy gate

Knitting: I've been working on something for my secret pal and I'm almost done. Also, I finally finished my first sock! It's not beautiful but everyone's gotta start somewhere.

One mini sock
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