Thursday, January 03, 2008

Twisted hat

Using Red Heart Soft, size 6 needles and the Spiral Hat pattern by Bethany E. Kok. I started this at the airport on 12/21, finished the twisted rib brim but then got stuck when I came to the instructions for the right leaning cross stitch.

The instructions in the pattern for the right-leaning cross are confusing. They don't make any sense to me. The ones from Eunny Jang are much better. Basically you're crossing the stitches, holding the purl stitch to the back and knitting the second stitch first then purling the purl stitch. Very easy once you get it, though a little labor intensive to do this every other row. I find I have to take a break after a few rounds.

According to Eunny Jang, "to do this without a cable needle, slip these two stitches to the right needle. Holding the left needle at the back of the work, insert the tip of the left needle into the back of the first stitch slipped. Pull the right needle free of both stitches (the skipped stitch will be loose for just a second, here), and pick the loose stitch up from the front. Put it back on the left needle and knit each stitch through its back loop."

photo IMG_4166

I'm a little worried that it's going to be too small but it's hard to tell right now... so I'll just keep on going. Worst case scenario, it becomes a hat for someone other than the intended recipient.
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