Friday, January 25, 2008

Date Night

Last night, Max and I went out for dinner and then to a hockey game. We ate at the Chophouse, which still had it's Restaurant Menu prices from last week. We had the pancetta wrapped shrimp appetizer.

Which came with salad and cornbread.

For dinner we had the steak tips - out of this world fantastic!

And for dessert, pecan pie. Yum!

Then onto the hockey game at the Verizon Center, Toronto Maple Leafs v. Washington Capitals. It was our first live hockey game (aside from watching my brother play when he was really little) and it was pretty exciting. The guy beside me when down to get two beers every period but he didn't seem to get all that upset that I sang the Canadian anthem or that I was cheering for Toronto and not the Caps.

The Caps scored in the first period and there were all kinds of lights and sirens and cheering. Toronto scored next and I was very excited, and happy that there were enough Toronto fans in the stands to make some noise. There was one guy in the row in front of me to the left who was glaring at me like he was going to jump over the seats because of was cheering - which just made me want to cheer louder! :) But then the Caps scored again and won the game. Still, I'm happy that Toronto scored and it was a fun night out.
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