Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ithaca and Beaufort

Over the long weekend (MLK), Max and I went to Ithaca, NY to visit his brother. It was really really cold. We flew into Syracuse, NY on Friday night and then drove to Ithaca in a rental car. Stayed at the Inn on Columbia. Cute place and everyone gets a generous box of goodies for breakfast every day. The couple staying next door to us was from Bethesda, MD (what at the chances?) and the couple downstairs was from Brooklyn. Both of the wives were knitters and so we talked yarn stores over breakfast. On Saturday Max, Marvin and I went back into Syracuse to do some shopping and have lunch at Dinosaur BBQ. On Sunday Max and I did some shopping for yarn (at Homespun and Knitting Etc.) and comic books, then we all watched the Patriots game together and had dinner at the Moosewood Restaurant. On Monday we flew back to DC.

Driving update
The car we rented was a small Mazda sedan. I drove the three of us to lunch on Saturday, which was a breeze because the small car was easy to maneuver and Syracuse was dead empty. Even parked well in a tiny squeezy spot. Then on Sunday, Max and I went out shopping by ourselves and I drove some long highway stretches at 65 mph, then 45mph, and 65mph around some curves with some snow blowing across the road. It helped that it was mostly farmland and only a few cars on the road at any given time. Plus the drivers seemed nice and did not pressure me too much when I was going too slow. All in all, I did pretty good. It was not as scary as I thought it would be and it's the longest I've driven at one time since highschool.

I cast on Friday night once we had checked in and knit throughout the Patriots game. Had to wait until I got home on Monday to finish so I could switch to DPNs. I brought it in to work today to give to my coworker, who seemed to love it. Yay! Now she has a matching set.

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