Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Small world

In the past two weeks, I have been contacted by friends from highschool who I haven't seen or heard from in 12 years. And whenever I tell the stories to someone, it seems they also have a story about something similar happening to them. Both of these were made possible by email and Facebook.

First, there's a friend from highschool that Max and I lost track of right after graduation. None of our friends knew what happened to her either. Back in August, I saw her brother on Facebook and sent him an email. A couple of weeks ago, she sent me an email and we've been writing back and forth catching up since then.

Second, last week I got a Facebook invite and then an email from a friend from another highschool (I went to three over four years). He had moved away from the town in Michigan that we had gone to school together and moved to Beijing where I went to highschool after I left Michigan. One of the friends he made in Beijing was over at his place looking through scrapbooks from his highschool in Michigan and pointed at someone and said, "I know her." Sure enough, although however unlikely, it was me. She went to highschool with me and Max in Beijing.

What's your story?
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