Friday, January 26, 2007


  • 1) Routine. I like my routine of yoga twice a week, working regular 9-5 hours, knitting on the couch after dinner while watching TV, getting up around the same time, going to bed around the same time. A predictive index I took at work confirms this through and through.
  • 2) Knitting blogs. I subscribe through Bloglines to many, many knitting blogs and it's nice to have something fun to read and pretty to look at during work when I need to take a break. So many of these knitting bloggers provide me with inspiration on what to knit, what to write, and what else is out there.
  • 3) A new yoga top that shows off so much cleavage that I can only wear it at my Thursday class (which is smaller and only has two guys).
  • 4) Our first snowfall on Sunday and small flurries throughout the week, pretty but virtually no accumulation - just special effects!
  • 5) Picking out the perfect red Spanish wine for a gift for a wine aficionado, there's something so wonderful about knowing you picked the perfect gift.
  • 6) Lunch today with a friend
  • 7) Finding out that our friends Natalia and Alex are getting married in April. We're going to California!
  • 8) My friend Erin is back from London! How cool is this picture?
  • 9) Finished reading Julie & Julia. Great book! One of my co-workers is going to lend me Mastering the Art of French Cooking so I can make something from it.
  • 10) Sending off a package to my friend Anne for her two kids that includes this hat:
Striped baby hat
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