Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The long weekend went by really quickly. The drive up to Pennsylvania was slow because of the rain, but also because all the winding roads and hills in Pennsylvania were covered in fog. Kristina's parents live in the middle of the state, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Their neighborhood isn't even in our car's GPS!

We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel on the way there. We arrived at The Stone House Bed & Breakfast in Schuylkill Haven, PA on Saturday afternoon. It's such a nice place and our room was very pretty, plus the rates are pretty reasonable. Breakfast was very good both days. I had french toast the first day and blueberry pancakes with broiled bananas on the second day. If you want to make reservations, call Theresa at (570) 385-2115. She's very nice.

Kristina's Mom was still at the hospital and pretty tired out from the day's activities, so Max and I took a nap at the B&B. Later that night, Kristina, her brother Peter, Max and I went to see Night at the Museum. What a fun movie! We all really enjoyed it.

On Sunday, Kristina's Mom was ready to come home from the hospital and so Max and I went to the hospital after breakfast at the B&B to help with bringing her home. We carried some of her stuff back in our car, went with Kristina to pick up the medications at the pharmacy, went to the grocery store for some items, picked up the pizza for dinner... just a lot of helping out. That night, I helped clean up the kitchen and put the dishes away. I also showed Kristina's Mom the pictures from our Disney World trip.

Yesterday we left the B&B after breakfast, hung out with Kristina and her Mom, and then drove back. I did some knitting on the way back. I'm working on a poncho for myself. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for an early dinner. We got home before dark and it was so warm, we went for a walk just wearing a sweatshirt. It felt good to stretch our legs a bit but we were tired so it was a short walk.
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