Friday, January 12, 2007


At lunch today, I read an article in Real Simple called "Get Happy" and the author wrote about ways to be more happy. One of the ways was to concentrate on the good things, so here's my list of 10 things that made me happy this week.

  • 1) knitting my red scarf at lunch with my co-workers; and finishing it today! (Pictures to come)
  • 2) gathering many signatures for a birthday card for a co-worker... he'll be totally overwhelmed and I can't wait to give it to him!
  • 3) dinner with Max at Bertucci's on Wednesday; there was good conversation, great food, and it was a pleasant night out.
  • 4) visiting Knit Happens on Wednesday; bringing home some fun stuff.
  • 5) finding out that one of my many pregnant friends had her baby and that the baby is a boy (no one knew before); everyone is happy and well.
  • 6) setting up a lunch with a friend in two weeks; we haven't seen each other in awhile so it will be good to catch up.
  • 7) yoga with Olivia, twice this week! Twice the butt kicking!
  • 8) happy hour tonight for a co-worker's birthday; seems like there will be tons of people there.
  • 9) getting to see my bestfriend Kristina this weekend and hang out a bit.
  • 10) finding out that my bestfriend's Mom's surgery went well and that she is okay.

In the winter, I often notice the lack of sunshine in my day. It affects my mood, how I dress, and what I feel like doing. Concentrating on the good things is not always easy but now that I've forced myself to do it, I feel better for having done it. Have a great weekend all!

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