Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Weeknight date in Canada

Instead of going home after work last night, I went out! Met Max at work and we had dinner at Elephant & Castle: Pub and Restaurant. What a great place! I love the atmosphere and the food was REALLY good. I had the Steak & Mushroom Pie. Max and I shared the Big Ben Brownie for dessert. Everything was very yummy.

We then went to the Canadian Embassy for the Opening Reception of Seascapes - Exhibition by Canadian artist Jérôme Fortin. For me, it was so cool to be in Canada for the evening. The embassy in DC is impressive. The art was interesting and very cool. According to the pamphlet:
Fortin "chooses trivial, banal and common place items such as corks, bottle lids, keys or publications. Their colours, forms, textures, and volumes suggest the flowers, seashells, jewellery, and amulets once collected by the curious for their exotic flavour."
The artist and his wife were there to explain and describe the process. My Dad would have loved it! The art was lot like some of the things my Dad makes in his workshop. I didn't bring my camera but there are tons of pictures on the artist's website.

We made it home on time to take the last shuttle bus. I was able to knit a few rows of the Green Grass sweater and mark where the armhole begins before bed. I'm almost done the front!
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