Monday, March 13, 2006

Green Grass Sweater

Here's the progress from Wednesday to Sunday.
Green Grass Sweater Green Grass Sweater Green Grass Sweater

The back is finished and the front has been started. You can see the waist shaping and the pin on the right marking where the arm will go once it has been done.

Green Grass Sweater

Thankfully it has been going much quicker than I thought it would! I love the green. It's the perfect March colour to be knitting. All other knitting has been set aside so there's not too much else to report.

I finally bought a new purse. It's black leather, something I can use everyday and take to work, not too big or too small, simple lines, no contrast stitching, lots of pockets in the lining, and zippers close. Nothing "fashionable!" You won't believe how long it took to find something so simple and classic. Hours.
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