Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random stuff

The Green Grass Sweater is coming along. The sleeves are 13" long from the turning ridge. Almost done!

In other news... I went running after work last night. It was more of a walk-jog-walk-run but I was out there for 20 minutes. Listened to two episodes of Quirky Nomads and Araby by James Joyce (downloaded from iTunes for free).

Tonight I'm going to the optometrist to get my eyes checked so he can tell me that I need a stronger prescription and new glasses. It's only been one year but I can tell. When I wear my glasses, I have to squint to read the text on TV. I remember last year when I wore my new prescription glasses to the movies for the first time, I asked Max, "Why is the screen so grainy?" He just laughed. I guess blurry = smooth. :)

At this moment, I'm listening to "Light My Candle" from RENT on my iPod.
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