Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring is here!

Perhaps only for today and the rest of the weekend but spring is here! The low today is 51 and the high is 70. Which means I could leave the house without a jacket (and I did). Might even be able to eat my lunch outside. I'm aghast that the temperatures in Berlin are still snowy... the low at 28 and the high only 34. Hopefully it will be warmer in a month.

As for my Green Grass sweater, it's coming along well. I finished the turned hem on the back of the sweater Wednesday. Last night I finished the decreases and started the increases for the waist shaping. Already I have about 8" of knitting, size 9 needles seem to make things go quicker. The colour is really nice and the fabric is soft. I think it will be very pretty. Pictures to follow!
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