Saturday, August 28, 2010

Support Wind, Save a Mountain

In 2007 a wind potential study was commissioned to see if there was the potential to place wind turbines on Coal River Mountain. The wind potential study and the following economic study found that it is possible to place 328 MW of wind energy on Coal River Mountain. That’s enough to power 70,000 West Virginia Homes and provide permanent jobs and $1.7 million in taxes to the county every year.

Unfortunately, Massey Energy is applying for permits to mountaintop removal mine the mountain which would destroy the wind potential. This is the last mountain left standing in the area. Please help save it.

1) Email the EPA to protect the mountain and its streams.
2) Contact your US Representative to support the Clean Water Protection Act (H.R. 1310) and your US Senators to support the Appalachia Restoration Act (S. 696).
3) Donate to help save Coal River Mountain and get this message to more people.
4) Sign the Petition

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