Monday, August 02, 2010

Another fun weekend

Although we were in town this weekend, it was BUSY. On Friday we had friends over for dinner - plus a 9-year-old overnight guest! We played Wii and went to the park. I got dragged onto the slide several times even though I'm definitely too big for that. Then we watched Treasure Planet.

Saturday morning I made pancakes while Max played Mario Kart with our young friend.

Our neighbor's children came over for awhile so then we had three kids in the house! It was crazy and fun. Then our neighbor's came by with their 3-day-old baby... so cute. I got to hold her for a little while as she slept. After everyone left, Max and I took a nap. :) Saturday night we went to a friend's birthday party out in Maryland.

Yesterday we went to see my friend Amanda and meet her new puppy, Ajax:

He's such a cutie! And definitely a good boy. He'll be staying over next week while his Mommy goes on vacation. Should be fun!
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