Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Went to try out the kickboxing class at All Star Martial Arts with Mike Logan on August 4... I was sore for four days! Went back again tonight and signed up for the next two months of classes.

The two classes were similar but very different. They started off the same with a light run around the studios to warm up and then a few minutes of stretching.

In the first class I went to, there were only three of us. We did bear crawls, lunges, leg lifts, and sparring with Mike in rotation. Three sets. Ended with punching bags and sparring with Mike.

Tonight there was a larger group, probably nine or ten of us. We did bear crawl, punches, and high knees. Three sets. Rotation from lunges to using the medicine ball, to shuffling around pylons, to sparing with Mike, to beating on a body bag, to punching bags, to jumping jacks. Then crazy moving all over the studios punch combinations with jumping jacks and push-ups and crunches.

By the end of both, I was completely exhausted and felt like jello. But I must say, kickboxing is a good way to end a crap day.

Now... who wants to join me? :)
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