Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not all roses

Ajax has been a good boy for the most part - but he is a puppy. He likes to play... and chew. I lost a pair of old sandals, which is okay because one shoe had lost its heel anyway.

Lucky for me, Ajax has only had one accident outside his cage so far. It was just pee so that was okay too. Just needed some carpet cleaner and a paper towel to remedy that.

There was some whining tonight... I never did figure out why - but right after he stopped, he fell asleep. Maybe he misses his Mommy.

My friend Amanda gets back tomorrow night so depending on when she gets back, tonight might be my last night with him. Then I can clean up my living room of all the chewed bits of paper and cardboard and whatever else. I know the cats will be happy to see him go! I'm tired - it's been a long week... so I probably won't be as sad as I thought I would be. At the same time, by the time I see him again, he'll be bigger and more grown up. This puppy phase will have passed.

Does it make me want a dog? I thought it might but that urge has passed. I don't want to have to get up early to go for a walk everyday - especially on days like today when it's hot and humid and I have to wait for him to poop so I can go back in the house. Ditto for his nightly walks before bedtime to tire him out so he'll go to sleep and not wake up at 3am (like last night). All that on top of two cats? Um, no.

But it was fun while it lasted! :)
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