Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Red mittens


So I finished knitting my first pair of mittens. Ugh. For my first pair of mittens, they're not bad. I guess. But do they look good? Well, when I showed a co-worker she said they looked home made. Yeah. . . that's the look I'm going for.

I wore them for a couple of days and they're certainly very warm. But they're also really big and, honestly, ugly. I'm going to frog them and use the yarn to make another pair - using the Koolhaas Mittens variation that yarnpaperscissors came up with so they'll match my red hat exactly.

Next I'll tell you about my second pair of mittens using the Plaid Mittens pattern. Eventually I'll catch up to the present to tell you about what I'm actually knitting now.

Thanksgiving prep
I made the crust for the tart last night and left the kitchen pretty clean at the end of the night too. Which is good because there's more to do today... prepping the turkey, making the focaccia, finishing the tart, and rounds of clean-up in between to make the next thing. Plus calling or texting friends to wish them a happy thanksgiving!
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