Wednesday, April 01, 2009

43 inches

I'm near the end of one skein of the silk yarn and look how long it is already:


How long is it?


Take a look at the detail:


Cereal Prank
Also, since today is April 1, I played a little prank on Max at breakfast today...We just bought a box of Banana Honey Nut Cheerios and this morning we tried it for the first time. Max was still getting dressed so I went downstairs quickly and squirted some yellow food colouring into the bottom of his bowl and then added the Cheerios on top, covering it up. As he came downstairs, I poured milk into my bowl and then let him pour his own milk. The milk started to turn yellow and he thought it was weird but not that unusual... until he looked at mine and the milk was white. He starts mixing my cereal to see if he can get my milk to turn yellow and I said, I think there's something wrong with yours. And he starts mixing his some more and it turns even more yellow.

Then I burst out laughing because I couldn't hold it in anymore. April Fools! :)
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