Thursday, January 08, 2009

Putting Christmas away

Over the weekend, the Christmas lights outside our house came down. Last night the ornaments came off the tree and were put away. Sigh. Max had to do almost all of the ornaments and house decorations because it makes me so sad to put Christmas away. Every year he says, "but just think how happy you'll be when it comes out again!" That never makes me feel better but he gets a gold star for trying.

Here's the Santa hat that I knit two years ago and finally added a pompom to this year.


IMG_7385 IMG_7386

The pattern is the Santa hat pattern from Handknit Holidays. The yarn I picked up from A.C. Moore ages ago, and ironic combination of cashmere (red) and acrylic (white).

Tonight the tree comes down and will be bagged up for another year. Then we just need to get someone to help Max take it downstairs since I'm pretty useless on that front too!
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