Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Driving in St. Joe

It's so easy! At least, that's how it felt this time around compared to how it felt when I was 17 (or what it's like to drive where I live now). No one drives more than 5 over the speed limit and there are so few cars on the road, which really helps.

1st time:
Thursday night, when we finished eating our ice cream, it was still light out (even at 8:30pm, because they're at the edge of the time zone) and so Max suggested that I might like to drive. There were barely any cars on the road and I was completely familiar with the area, so sure. Even driving a rental car that was completely unfamiliar, it was fine. No anxiety, just comfortable, even able to hold a conversation with Max - which is very unusual for us!

After breakfast on Friday, I went out driving with Max again... driving is just so much easier in St. Joe! I was actually comfortable and not nervous at all. What a difference 12 years makes!

Saturday afternoon, I drove by the site of the original accident that put me off driving in the first place. Driving up the street with the alley and then past the alley, I was anxious (please don't happen again!) but it only lasted a minute and then I had driven past the spot and nothing happened! It was like a weight had lifted off my chest.

Saturday night, after dinner, on wet roads at dusk. The sun had gone down and I drove from the downtown back to the inn. A short drive but in conditions that I would never normally drive and it was totally fine.

Sunday morning after we checked out, I drove from the inn along Lakeshore Drive to a gas station in Stevensville. The car in front of my for most of the way was very slow, going under 5 under the speed limit (which was even driving me crazy, nevermind Max!). I had to do a little turn around to go to the station that Max wanted but even that was only a minor disturbance.

All in all, it was the best driving experience I've ever had. Coming home, the roads are looking a lot less friendly but I'm hoping that driving in St. Joe was a life changing experience that will help me the next time I get on the road. In the meantime, I will give myself a little pat on the back. You can too if you want. :)
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