Sunday, July 20, 2008

CSA week 9

This morning when Max and I stepped outside at 9:30am, it's was already 83°F. Ugh, and humid with a hot breeze. We made our way to the West End Farmer's Market (a few blocks later I was already sweating), bought some ready-to-eat ripe peaches, local cheddar cheese, and a bunch of basil. From there we went to Food Matters to pick up our dozen eggs and produce.

Green onions, potatoes, roma tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, arugula, a red onion, and apricots. I had an apricot as soon we we got home - very ripe and so delicious! It's too hot to think about cooking anything (current temperature is 91°) so I think dinner tonight will be cheese and crackers, a cold pasta salad (using some leftover pasta that was chilling in our fridge) with tomatoes, fresh basil, and a simple vinaigrette. Peaches and apricots for dessert.

What do you have for dinner when it's too hot to cook?
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