Friday, December 28, 2007

We're home!

Max and I have been in Canada visiting with my family since last Friday. It's good to be home!

We arrived at Buffalo airport, met my parents outside the gate, bumped into someone from my office, and made it back to my parents house after midnight. My brother was still awake so he said hello before we went to bed.

We had breakfast with my parents - my Mom made cream of wheat for me. Max had coffee and cookies. Sigh. That's what vacation is for I guess. We took the GO Train into Toronto and met one of our highschool friends, Darren, for lunch. We ate at the City Grill. After lunch we shopped a bit and then said goodbye. After he left, Max and I walked down Queen Street. He got to go to two comic book stores and I got to go to Romni Wools for almost an hour. That place is so huge, completely overwhelming. I'll show you what I got there later. We stopped at Tim Horton's for a butter caramel hot smoothie and a maple donut. Max had a sausage from a street vendor later. It was after dark by the time we left the city and almost 9pm by the time we got home but the house was empty because my parents and my sister and BIL had gone to Toronto to watch The Nutcracker. We saw them later when they all came back together.

In the PATH Window at the Bay on Queen Street
Eaton's Center Tim Horton's Butter Caramel Hot Smoothie and Maple Donut

We spent the afternoon at my sister's house watching the Patriots game with her husband. Here's their tree - it's even in the right colours! The first half of the game was great and I got to knit for several hours. For dinner, they treated us out for dinner at Swiss Chalet. I had the festive special - rotisserie chicken with stuffing, french fries, cranberry sauce, their special dipping sauce... and a box of chocolates for dessert (though I saved it to bring home with me). We had dessert and coffee at my parent's house.
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