Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas in Canada

Christmas Eve
Max, my parents, my sister, my BIL, and I went out for dim sum. Afterwards, my sister and her husband went back to my parent's house and the rest of us went to Jackson Square and the Farmer's market. So much has changed. Later that night, Max and I watched Meet the Robinsons with my parents and drank my Dad's homemade eggnog. My sister slept over at her in-laws and her dog stayed at my parent's house.

Christmas Day
My sister and BIL arrived just after 9am. We all opened our stockings and then my brother made eggs, peameal bacon and breakfast sausages to go with the Kringle my Dad made and the fruit salad my Mom made for breakfast. Then we opened our presents - including my sister's dog, Diesel, who went to town on all the wrapping paper. Here's my sister and my BIL in their new hats. Max and I took Diesel for a walk... so cold! Later, my sister did a Pampered Chef demonstration for us, showing us all the products in her kit and letting us try stuff out (though for my Dad that meant eating a piece of apple, not cutting it). She made the brie appetizer for us to snack on while we made the rest of dinner. Max and I made the turkey, my Mom made the gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted lamb, sausage chestnut stuffing, salad, and sweet potatoes. My brother made some stuffed mushrooms, a buche de Noel for dessert and also put together the cookie tray. His girlfriend came over right before dinner. More presents were opened and then we had dinner.

After dessert, my brother's girlfriend took everyone's picture (she went to school for photography) and then we played Wii bowling. My Mom got the most strikes! It was a lot of fun and we all had a good time.

Boxing Day
This is the big shopping day in Canada but my Mom didn't feel like going out, so I was just as happy to not go out again. My Dad, my brother and Max moved the piano from one end of the house to the other - it's an upright, so a little less of an undertaking than you might think but still a big deal. And I even sat down to play for a few minutes - the first time in decades! It's a miracle I remember anything but after all those years of playing, I'm glad I retained a little. Max started organizing everything to start packing for us to go home. We went over to my cousin's house to see all the relatives - some of whom I haven't seen in years. The night was over quickly, as was the trip. Max and I flew home the next day. Here's something I picked up at Duty Free:

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