Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Swap 2007


All week, I've been checking my mailbox to see if my package for the Holiday Swap 2007 had arrived yet. What's in that big box under the tree?


I'm not sure who my pal is but I think it's Angela of Buzzandfuzz in Maine. She sent me two skeins of lovely blue Khorma yarn from The Fibre Company... it's so soft and I love the colour, Lion Brand notecards with knitting patterns on the back, a book that my Mom just recommended to me, Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky, Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea, a tin full of chocolate, and a scented sachet.

My pal was Jamie the llamamamma from Texas. Her note to me made my day!

I got my package and it is fabulous!! Exactly what a "newbie" needs....

I received a beautiful skein of moss colored Debbie Bliss yarn and a wonderful hat pattern to go with it. It will be my first attempt at knitting a hat and I'm ready to get started (and thanks for your sweet card and words of encouragement)!! I can't wait to read the two books that were included, The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting and The Knitting Directory. As a "new" knitter, they are absolutely perfect books for me!! AND how did you know I had a Yarn Ball Winder on my Christmas list? I can't wait to use it -- I have two skeins of Merino wool that are just waiting to be wound. I'm sipping the delicious tea, listening to the relaxing Christmas CD and eyeing the chocolate goodies that were included.

WOW, Knerq (aka Nicole) you truly made my day!! I hope your swap partner is as generous to you as you were to me. THANK YOU so much!!!!

This was such a great exchange! Easy and fun.
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