Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer knitting goals

Lime Dragon alerted me to the contest that Skeins Her Way is having to win a copy of the Fitted Tank pattern and some organic cotton yarn. Go to her contest post for details.

Although my knitting motivation seems to take a dive in the warm weather perhaps making a list will help me keep it up. Here are my knitting goals for this summer:
  • -Finish my bamboo Clapotis
  • -Finish the next colour on my rainbow scarf
  • -Knit an Odessa baby hat with beads
  • -Knit the Debbie Bliss dress with eyelets
  • -Knit the Katja baby halter
As you can tell, there are quite a few "other people's babies" in my life. According to my calendar, summer begins June 21 and ends September 22. It's not many goals and alot of time but I know myself and getting even these done will take some will power. Wish me luck!
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