Friday, May 04, 2007

Does bad luck come in threes?

Everyone is always saying how bad luck comes in threes.... first was my tail bone, then my ankle, and now? My tooth. I was chewing gum at lunch and it started to get crunchy. When I pulled it out, a large piece of filling was missing from my back tooth. Ugh. My dentist is out of town so I will wait until Monday to get it fixed. Luckily it's not painful.

This was my travel knitting for my trip to San Francisco. I successfully knit one skein of Alchemy Bamboo and finished Section 1 and 2. There was some major frustration trying to figure out what the pattern increases meant as some of the terms used do not mean what they usually mean. This chart helped out immensely! Once I had that figured out, it was smooth sailing and pretty easy to knit. I only had to pay attention to which row I was on and when to do the increases where.

Now I need to wind my next skein into a ball before I can resume knitting. Then buy 2 more to finish. The drape of the fabric is lovely, it's so soft, and I love the sheen.
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