Sunday, May 27, 2007

Driving alone

Major driving update!
I drove to the grocery store and back BY MYSELF!

The drive there was fine, there were almost no cars on the road. There was a man in the cross walk that stopped halfway so I could drive into the parking lot (which always worries me a little because what if he had changed his mind). I parked kind of far out but I did a pretty good job. Went to get groceries, including a few treats: fresh cherries, gemstone potatoes, challah bread, and heavy cream (to make breakfast tomorrow - banana fosters french toast).

After I left the grocery store I had a minor panic in the parking lot - I couldn't find the car! Argh, talk about stereotypes. I remembered vaguely where I had parked but when it wasn't the first navy blue SUV I saw then I started to freak out that maybe I hadn't locked the car after all and maybe someone had stolen it... and then I saw my car.

So I was a little out of sorts driving back but I did fine. I was a little worried that I wasn't driving fast enough, especially when there was another car behind me but that's about it.

I did it!

I drove to the grocery store by myself!

I drove Max and me to the movie theatre also! A little scary driving roads I had never driven before, including a very steep hill that even makes him a little uncomfortable and speeds going up to 45 mph, but we made it there just fine. My confidence is building and I forsee more driving in the future.
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