Monday, September 11, 2006


I went shopping for yarn with Max again this weekend to find something to make a hat for him. On Saturday we went to the Springwater Fiber Workshop. He's SO particular. And even though he found the colours he liked, one was blue 100% merino finger weight and the other was a charcoal grey cotton-wool blend of worsted weight. I'm glad he cares so much though. Gives me hope that he'll wear it even though he's always hot. On Sunday we went to Knit Happens.... and success! Here's what Max picked:

With help from the staff, we decided that with a little math, I should be fine using these two different yarns together since they are they same gauge. The main part of the hat will be charcoal and the waves will be the blue Mission Falls. Probably won't start working on it right away because I actually need to do a swatch. (And finish Lady Eleanor, and start working on a sweater for Christmas, and...)

Saturday night after we got back from the boat cruise, I started working on the Swell hat for Max's brother. The peace sign in the earflaps are very subtle but that's probably good for an electrical engineering student. The yarn is soft and the colours are nice. I've joined in the round and it's going pretty quickly. Helps that I brought it with me on the subway this morning!
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