Friday, September 01, 2006

Ready for the cooler weather

Today is overcast and rainy. This morning on the way to work it was actually pretty cool. Only a high of 69F/20C today. My office still has the air conditioning on and so I put on a zippered hoodie as soon as I arrived. But instead of mourning the end of summer, I warmed up some chicken noodle soup for lunch and put on some Christmas music. Now I feel all warm and toasty. Can't wait to get home and do some knitting!

I've been working on Lady Eleanor. Just joined a new ball the other night. The stole is about 3 feet long now. On Saturday, I'm going shopping for some yarn for a sweater for someone in my family for Christmas - and Max is coming with me to pick out something so I can make him a hat! It will be the first item I've ever knit for him. Very exciting. I'm going to practice (since I'm still new to knitting with two yarns) by making one for his brother. Marvin will get his when he comes to visit us for Thanksgiving. Max will get his at Christmas.

Red Scarf Project
Unless you're reading the RSS feed by email or have subscribed through Bloglines, you've probably noticed the new button on the right for the Red Scarf Project. I've recruited some friends to join me, including fellow blogger Erin. She even helped me destash some red yarn left over from a cardigan I made for my MIL. I have a small group at work too! They all agreed right away and I was able to share some red yarn with them too. (There was alot left over!) My group at work willl be meeting once a month to knit during lunch until January when we mail the scarves in.
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