Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10 Knittery Things you didn't know about me

Following the lead of Grumperina, I'm challenged (seriously, it was a challenge) to come up with 10 Knittery Things that you don't know about me. Erin probably knows about most of these but here you go:

1) The loss of my knitterly innocence occurred within the first year of knitting. I was working on a lace stole for my sister using Moonlight Mohair. The yarn label said "MACHINE WASHABLE" and despite the 28% mohair, I believed it and stuck it in the washing machine. It felted.

2) There are 59 feeds in my knitting blogroll, but usually more than 100 unread posts at any given time. When I'm on vacation, it usually goes up to 200-300 unread.

3) My needle case is skulls and roses on the outside and red silk on the inside. I spotted the same skulls and roses fabric on Scrubs as The Todd's surgery cap.

4) I have made my own knitting needles out of bamboo skewers and pine dowels from Home Depot using a pencil sharpener and sandpaper for the points, buttons and beads for the ends. Had to ask my Dad to re-sand the points for me because my sandpaper wasn't fine enough and the yarn still caught on the rough spots.

5) There is only one project I have ever ripped back to yarn, a "pocket purse" in sparkly gold yarn that was endless rows of stockinette stitch that could not hold my attention even after I transferred it to new rosewood needles. I started it last June and finally ripped it back last month. It had been over a year people!

6) The first thing I knitted after my "learn how to knit" piece was a kerchief for myself. I then proceeded to make many more since they were easy and quick. Usually I wear these on Friday or whenever my hair is not looking its best.

7) My first lace project was using a pattern from The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches, size 15 needles, and Manos de Uruguay cotton stria yarn. I was totally winging it. I made a stole for a friend's 30th birthday. It was full of mistakes and the pattern meandered all over the place but my friend thought it was great.

8) Strangest place I have ever knit is in the dentist chair waiting for the anesthetic to work. When it did, my hands and fingers started tingling and I had to stop knitting. At the time I was working on my MIL's cardigan. Go figure.

9) My yarn chest is divided by colour. At any given time, the blue section is almost always the most full.

10) The most ambitious project on my to do list is the Icarus Shawl using the darkMerino Lace yarn from my secret pal. I'm not ready for it yet, especially since I have so many other projects on my to do list, but mostly I need to work up the courage to use this fine yarn. Don't say it Erin - I'm not ready yet.

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