Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Napa, California...part III

We set the alarm for 4:20am and requested a wake-up call for 4:40am. Ugh. We packed up the car and checked out by 5am and drove into Oakland. There wasn't any traffic at that hour thankfully. We returned the rental and checked in without incident. As we were heading for the line for security, we saw Andy and Jackie! What a surprise! They were going on their honeymoon. We talked with them briefly, and again after we had all made it through security. The second time around was considerably less awful than the first time.

Here's some pictures from the sky:

Our connection in Dallas was pretty tight but we made it - and so did our luggage! We arrived at DCA about 10 minutes early and were home before dark. Erin was right at the door to greet us. We had pizza for dinner, unpacked a little, and then I went to sleep. It was a great vacation but exhausting!

- beef jerky makes for good airplane food, granola bars less so but still okay
- it's much easier to knit on the plane when you don't take Dramamine
- expect the worse and maybe your luggage will show up
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